Black Bears

Typical Day of Black Bear Hunting

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The spring bear hunts with AZ Outfitters in BC Canada, tend to be much more relaxed as the days are long, with the bears feeding or traveling much of the day. The day usually starts around 6:00 am when we will check slides near camp and up to an hour away. This can be done either on foot or on horseback. We usually return to camp in the late morning for brunch and a rest before leaving camp mid afternoon and staying out until nearly dark. On some days we may pack a lunch and be gone from camp all day, traveling either the main valley or into a side drainage.

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A great deal of time is spent sitting and watching when we hunt bear in the spring. The Grizzly Bear, in particular, do a lot of traveling this time of year, and when you know where to watch you can usually find them.

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All species are available to non residents without having to go through a draw system. If we offer a hunt, the tag will be available.

All Hunts are 1 to 1 hunter/guide ratio, unless otherwise requested.

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