2016 Hunting Dates
Grizzly Bear May 15 thru June 6 10 day hunt
Black Bear May 15 thru June 15 3, 5 & 10 day hunts
Archery Elk August 31 thru Sept. 6 7 day hunt
Rifle Elk (Wilderness) Sept. 9 thru Oct. 21 four 9 day hunts
Mountain Goat Sept. 29 thru Nov. 30 9 day hunts
Shiras Moose - Rifle Oct. 15 thru Nov. 15 9 day hunts
Shiras Moose - Archery Sept. 1 thru Nov. 15 9 day hunts
Black Bear, Wolf, Mule Deer Hunted as second species with any fall hunt
Mule Deer Sept. 9 thru to Nov. 15th


Bow hunts start on September 1st, with the opening of rifle season for most species beginning September 10th.  British Columbia is one of the few areas in North America that allows rifle hunting for elk during the bugle season.

goat_2.jpg grizzly_1.jpg

All species are available to non residents of British Columbia without having to go through a draw system.  If we offer a hunt, the tag will be available.