License and Tags

Some of our species are on a draw, however you will not be required to enter this lottery system. We as outfitters are allocated a certain number of tags for each species we hunt. These tage we hold for our clients. If we offer a hunt we have a tag for you. Once you have booked your hunt with us we will have your license and tags purchased and ready for you when you arrive.

Canadian Gun Laws

As many of you have heard, Canada has now had several years of gun registration. For A Canadian these laws have been frustrating. However, little has changed for our clients coming into Canada from the United States or other parts of the world.

We have vittually had no problems with any of our clients crossing into Canada either by air or when driving. In preparation for your hunt A/Z Outfitters will provide all documents required to meet regulatory requirements. Some forms you shall receive include:

The Firearm Declaration form should be completed before leaving home but do not sign it until you are in the presence of the customs people. There is also a $50 Cdn. Fee and can be paid by cash or credit card.

Passports: If you are flying or driving from outside of Canada, you will require a passport to re enter the USA. Make sure when applying for the passport that you leave yourself lots of time.

We will have your license and tags for you when you arrive.

Export of Meat and Trophies

Upon the completion of your hunt we will have your trophy ready for the taxidermist and the meat ready for the meat cutter. At this point you can transport it home with you without further complications. No export permits are required if you are accompanying your trophy and meat.