Elk Hunts with AZ Outfitters

Typical Day of Elk Hunts

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The day usually begins with everyone getting up 1 to 2 hours before daylight, having a light snack of toast and coffee before walking out for the morning hunt. Often elk can be heard bugling just before daylight.The morning hunt usually ends a couple of hours after daylight, at which time hunters and guides return to the cabin for a hearty breakfast.


By the time breakfast is over the horses are caught and saddled, and the second part of the day starts. If anyone was successful during the morning hunt the meat and trophies are packed in. By mid afternoon each hunter and his guide will depart from camp by horse into a high valley, or perhaps up and down the main valley. The evening hunt lasts until dark, at which time hunters and guides return to the main camp for supper. Any game taken during the evening hunt is dressed and left on the mountain to be recovered the next morning.

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Depending on the circumstances and location of game a hunter and guide may choose to leave by horse early in the morning, or get into some side drainage and stay there all day. Early in the season, or for mountain goat hunts, at high elevations we will often establish a spike camp a couple of hours from the main camp in order to take advantage of the early morning and late evening hunts.

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You should expect to ride home in the dark if you want to take advantage of the best hunting which occurs both during the early morning and late evening.

Bow hunts start on August 31, with the opening of rifle season for most species beginning September 10. British Columbia is one of the few areas in North America that allows rifle hunting for elk during the bugle season.

All species are available to non residents without having to go through a draw system. If we offer a hunt, the tag will be available.

All Hunts are 1 to 1 hunter/guide ratio, unless otherwise requested.