Mountain Goat

Typical Day of Mountain Goat Hunting


We will hunt Mountain Goat either by going out each day from one of the log cabin camps or, if it is early in the season, a spike camp will be established in the sub alpine. We seldom climb without knowing that there is a trophy goat to go after. The climbs can often be shortened by taking the first part by horse, before tying up and stalking on foot. Most Goat hunts require a 1 to 3 hour hike.

Goat Hunt goat_2.jpg

The better shape you' re in, the better chance you have of being successful.


An Elk and Mountain Goat combination hunt is quite popular, as both species inhabit the same valleys, and can often be seen on the same day.

All species are available to non residents without having to go through a draw system. If we offer a hunt, the tag will be available.

All Hunts are 1 to 1 hunter/guide ratio, unless otherwise requested.