This year was a year I will not forget. The guys I have told about it can't believe what we had to go through. All in all, it was like nothing I had expected and much more than anticipated. Last year though was the same, an awesome trip. The second trip in particular felt like hunting camp from when I was kid. Just wanted to let ya know. It has been an awesome experience hunting with you. If ever I go elk hunting, and I will one day, it will be with you guys.

Aaron LaBumbard

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the trip. I enjoyed every aspect of my vacation/hunting trip. The facilities you offer, the area you are able to hunt and especially the people you have associated with the camp are all top notch. I would and have recommended your outfitting services to anyone interested in a quality hunting experience.

Thanks -- you will be hearing from me soon.

Tom Powers

Hi Bill:

Just wanted to say thanks for the great trip and extend a tremendous amount of appreciation for the great effort that you made, Jason and crew put forth to make sure my hunt was a success. Unbelievable!

Even though I did not harvest an elk, the personal care and effort was much more than I have ever received in any other guided hunt.

Thanks to you and your crew for the "over the norm" level of professionalism. You are all to be commended.

Al Howarth


I hope all is well with you. I want to tell you once again how great our hunt was and to express to you, Dawson and Fred how much Jeff and I appreciated everything you all did to help Stumpy in his time of need. Your organization is by far the most professional I have ever dealt with, what a pleasure. I am sure, if you will have us back, Jeff and I will return to your beautiful country in the next few years. Once again please express our sincere thanks to everyone in your operation for a great hunt and pleasant outcome.

Rock Warrinier


Below is a list of our hunters from previous seasons.

Spring Bear

Gayer Dixon (MO)
Keith Lackman (PA)
Rick Kreuter (NE)
Pat Poh (VA) patssportinggoods.com
Kristy Titus (OR)
Rich Winkle (N.Y)
Peter Ruel (N.Y)
Lloyd Heaton (TN) 423-715-0470
Kristy Titus
Nils Refve
Donnie Halfman

September Archery

Bob Friess (MT)
Chris Leclair (WI)
Brian Benzinger (WI)

September Rifle Elk Hunters

Alan Abrams (Aust)
Glen Patterson (NS)
Pat Kluempke (MN)
Jim Kluempke (MN)
Jim Gasper (WI)
Jeff Schneider (WI)
Mark Wauford (VA)
Brady Storey (Ont.)
Dave DeRosier (WI)
Shane Sisson (Ont.)
Bill Henderson (Ont.)
Vern Rollins (MT) 406-626-5446
Robert McHardy (TX)
Dennis Eberhard (TX)
Brad Mowry (IA)
Jon Morris (IA)
Colton Mowry (IA)
John Lindstrom (IA)
Jason Douglas (SC)
Tim McMahon(CT)

September Goat Hunters

Fred Ceslak

October Elk Hunters

Ellen Hill (TN)
Don Wagner (WI)
Rob Rankin (NS)
Jim Stuer (WI)
George Underhill (MT)
Bob Grill (MT) 406.626.2466
Ed Lundstrom
Trent Packingham (IA)
Chad French (IA)
Charles Stoval (TX)
Vance Fields (TX)
Derrick Collins (MI)
Stewart Collins (MO)
Mark Watford (VA)
Scott Bowling (MO)
Mark Wagnon (TX)
Jody Jenkins (TX)
Tim Wilson (NY)
Robert Fleming (IN)
Kevin Fleming (OH)

October Goat and November Mule Deer

Johnny Thompson
Gerard Abrams (Aust.)
Paul Wagner (WI)
Mark Wauford (VA)
George Borean (HI)
Aaron LaBumbard (WA)
Derik Ford (OR)
Martin Langhammer (UK)
Danny McArthur (AB)
Garth McArthur (AB)
Dan & Pat Davenport
Rick Cosyns
Glenn Vaske
Jonathan Castle
Dave Scaggs